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Hardware and Software Management and Asset Configuration

Technology keeps advancing and becoming more and more present in different areas of your company. Servers, work stations, mobile devices, switches, routers, cameras, and many other peripheral devices, all connected to each other and to the Internet, making it necessary to set up multiple software and operating systems.

At néctica we have professionals that will help you achieve this, and our strategic alliances with partners and suppliers will guarantee you access to reliable, safe and modern solutions.

Let us plan and organize your whole company infrastructure, centralizing management and covering your security needs. We assess your needs and help you get the hardware and software you need, optimizing the use of existing equipment. We offer assistance remotely or on-site, always adding resources to give you an immediate response.

We provide:

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Backup Policies

We design and implement backup policies, including operating and disaster recovery. We oversee the correct execution of all tasks, and provide offsite data protection services. We set up your backup services in the cloud, and on NAS devices or servers within your offices.

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Software Setup

We install and set up the operating systems of your servers, work stations and mobile devices. We monitor the constant security updates and improvements. We centralize the installation of office software and keep it updated. We migrate your data from outdated or malfunctioning equipment, preventing any loss.

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Directory Services

Let us manage your network users. We'll design together the access policies, passwords and device usage to centrally control everything the users can do or have access to inside your company. Remote access services to files or systems, and mobile device management through MDM tools are just some of the solutions we can offer.

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Server Administration

We monitor the performance of your servers, as well as the health of your peripheral devices. We assess redundancy systems (RAID, energy, memory.) We manage your virtual servers in our own physical machines or in the cloud.

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Security and Antivirus

We design security strategies, firewall policies and centralized AV management solutions. We can help you set up and maintain your security hardware and software, keeping your network safe on the Internet and against internal attacks.

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Logical Network Administration

We can plan your network design. We configure the routing in your active devices, setting up one or multiple physical or virtual networks, to optimize traffic and performance. We build systems of redundant Internet connection for load balancing or as a backup measure.

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Cameras and Access Control

We have great experience in the installation and configuration of cameras and proximity or biometric access control systems. Let us set up these devices to work in your network, and together with your systems, so you can maximize the benefits, such as selective filming, alert systems and more. We not only prepare this equipment, but we monitor its correct operation over time, as well as its correct storage and interaction with servers.

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IP Telephony and Videoconference

Communications are a vital part of your company. At néctica we have an exclusive department dedicated to the design of telephony and videoconference solutions. This allows us to offer a wide range of solutions, standalone or combined with our other services. We install and parametrize your IP PBXs, linking them together and building hybrid systems with your landline phone system. We set up SIP trunks from multiple providers. We configure priority and redundant routings so that calls can always come through at the lowest possible cost. We integrate your IP and landline phones with your videoconference equipment in a single communications and data network. We develop inbound and outbound call center solutions with software and hardware phones. We constantly monitor the product through security software to prevent illegal accesses or frauds.

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