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"The way of working was very good. In the different instances they were technically advising and guiding us so that we take the best definitions. Especially in the initial specification. Also in each instance they were presenting their final proposal, with mockups when necessary, and we were approving them."


"It was always fluid. The most critical points had to do with the possibility of implementing the design of our image department on the web. Our designers worked together with those of Néctica in a round trip to be able to layout all the pages and transmit the institutional image as required."


  • Telmex
  • Bricons Saicfi
  • Byte Tech Argentina
  • Construcciones e Ideas
  • Esinel
  • Psdata
  • Provisoft
  • Hermes Trismegisto
  • Industrias Herr
  • Decotec
  • Compañia Textil del Plata
  • Insieme Tecnologia
  • Grinta Construcciones
  • MD Servicios
  • Porpora Hermanos
  • Cleverman
  • D'Alessio IROL
  • Estudio Laffitte
  • Bussines Press
  • Estudio Bercun
  • MDAbroad
  • Suministra
  • Adding Movil
  • Estudio Efron
  • Solution Group
  • ABAX Travel
  • Tiempo Laboral
  • Empleo Seguro
  • Marcado de Soluciones
  • Voz e Imagen
  • Escribania Baisburd
  • Amigo Valentini
  • Latin Marketing
  • Lef & Asociados
  • Bullpix
  • Estudio Rinaldi
  • Proteccion de Riesgos
  • Americana Shipping Group
  • Casa Fernandes
  • Chemeco S.A.
  • Cia. Comercial Belgrano S.A.
  • Acuarel
  • La Llama Perfecta
  • Sanitarios Viamonte
  • Textil Junin
  • Sanitarios EMEDE
  • Mianesas
  • Asoc. Cultural Israelita de V.Devoto
  • Donato Delego
  • Po.D.E.R.
  • Infotraining
  • Asociación Ort Argentina

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