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Tailored Solutions

We are convinced that every company, no matter its size, has a very particular knowledge of its industry. That's why we believe that, in many cases, a tailored system is the best option to handle administration. At néctica we offer tailored solutions to guarantee the required information is available at the right time. To do this, we use a development method proved and implemented with many of our clients. This method involves working with key users in order to define business rules by performing a detailed analysis followed by a proposal of the solution design. Once the comprehensive solution is accepted, we proceed with the development, implementation and user-training phases.

Néctica has a package of products already developed based on standard business administration processes. This package can be adapted based on the needs of each industry, and can coexist and interact with other systems and technologies.

We provide the following solutions:

mobile app

Desktop Apps

We design and develop the software your company needs, completely customized. We develop interfaces for industrial machines, access systems, readers or any other device to optimize operational tasks, save time and minimize errors. Using client-server technology, you'll be able to use your company's network and your existing software. At néctica we work with multiple technologies and database engines to achieve seamless integrations and implementations.

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Web Development

We are experts in web design and want to help you take advantage of the latest technologies. At néctica we are constantly evolving. We can develop your site or app. Our UX specialists focus not only on functionality, but also on achieving a responsive product adaptable to any device and optimized to minimize load times. With a multidisciplinary team, we work with different technologies, facilitating implementation on both physical and virtual servers, and delivering redundancy systems at a low cost. For us, a website needs to be up 100% of the time. We develop progressive web apps to maximize user experience, even offline.

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Mobile Apps

We build apps for Android and iOS devices. We analyze, design, build and publish your application in the app stores, covering the process from beginning to end, so that you only need to bring your ideas and knowledge. We develop both public and internal apps, optimizing the devices resources. We work with UX specialists to make sure that the app not only works, but also is easy to use on any tablet or phone.

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